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Welcome to Tutor Doctor

Serving Vancouver, West Side, Downtown, and Surrounding Area

Tutor Doctor is a leader in providing affordable one-on-one supplementary education to students and adults through offering in-home tutoring to families. We use powerful technologies like learning management systems to bring classroom education to your students. 

The Tutor Doctor Difference:

We Provide Tutoring for:

In Addition, We Offer:

Flexible time slots to accommodate your family's busy schedule

Affordable rates

Tutor Doctor would be delighted to arrange a FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION where we can discuss and assess your student's educational needs. By getting to know your student's needs, abilities and learning style we can create an individual educational plan. We match a tutor that has the right education, background, and teaching style to deliver their educational goals. 

Starting your own practice:

If you are interested in starting your own practice, one of the fastest ways you can employ is checking out the top learning management systems so that you too can get going quickly. After setting up your school be sure to inform yourself of the best choices out there. Finding reputable organizations to hire can be tricky so follow a well worn set of recommendations from


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