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"I wanted to let you know that I am really happy to have Brian as my son’s tutor.

My son looks confident about his Math skills. He had a full mark for his Math quiz at the school and he is pleased to have Brian to help him.

Thank you for introducing such a caring tutor for him!"

-Mother of Grade 10 student Vancouver

"My daughter Danielle didn’t know how to express herself in her writing. Now, she is able to elaborate more. I just met with teacher at school and there is significant improvement in her writing and punctuation. She is now one of the top in her class. Thank you, )."

- Bell, Vancouver

"I hired Vancouver Learning in May to help with my teenage daughter’s exam preparation. I had been helping her myself yet we always ended up arguing. Bette met with my daughter and myself and then found a match for her. Mig connected very well with her tutor and went into her exams with confidence. She helped her to really understand her subjects in detail. Mig's report card came back with better grades than she had expected.

Using Vancouver Learning’s services alleviated the stress for me, helped with my daughter’s and my relationship, helped improve her grades and most of all helped with my daughter’s academic confidence. We also used Vancouver Learning’s services for summer help for my younger daughter. I was worried that Sherry would be upset having school work during the summer - on the contrary - after her second session with her tutor she told me the lms system was so much fun!"

- Boel, mother (Vancouver)

"When our son was having some difficulties in school we sought out a tutor to help him. We approached many agencies but the Vancouver Learning was prompt and easy to work with. They cared about matching our son with the perfect Tutor that would suit him, his needs and our expectations. The match they found for us has worked out incredibly well. Our Tutor is well suited to our sons learning style and is both engaging and knowledgeable. She has made learning fun and our son looks forward to his tutoring nights. She has been punctual and professional. She has many teaching skills and is very creative with them. Our experience has been a very positive one and we will be staying with our Tutor and Vancouver Learning."

- Nmani, mother of Okay

"I received the result of the math test right after I handed it in and my mark was 95% and they require only 85% . It is better than I expected, thank you and John (tutor) very much."

- Don Ip, University Math Qualification student, Vancouver